Tome of the Last Days

A heavy, leather bound, aged tome, gilded in gold with gold leaf front pages. The pages are scripted in Ancient Elvish.


Works as a tome (implement) for magic spells
More spells/rituals can be inscribed.

Armor of the Blessed (page 7, BOR)
Unseen Servant (AP)
BOR = Book of Rituals.
AP = Arcane Power.


Inscribed on first page:

“This is a testament for those who come after us. May Corallon protect his blessed and curse those who defile.”
~ Kavve Mersilva, Scribe for the true Queen of Arachoran, Mórnís Isti Thanthel.

A tome describing the fall of the city of Arachoran.

  • The city of Cara Arachoran was an Eladrin city deep in the pre-history of the world.
  • The city, and its sister cities, were tossed from the sky in a war with “monsters from beyond” and their twisted, dragon servants.
  • A disease slowly killed, over decades, those who remained.
  • Survivors of the fall and the battle may have fled into the wilds of the first world.
  • The warlocks of Arachoran were masters of summoning magics and the heavenly spheres.

Tome of the Last Days

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