House Rules

Character Books and Sources

Heroes of the Fallen Lands
Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms
Heroes of Shadow (still under review)

Alignment is just that, a choice to align oneself to one side or the other, the powers of Law and order or those of Chaos and disruption. The majority fall in the middle, the Unaligned. Good and evil? These are abstract concepts debated by philosophers and thrown around by priests. In general, those that practice magic tend to bend more towards chaos…

Inherent Bonuses

The campaign uses the Inherent Bonuses rule as presented in the DMG 2 and further clarified in the Dark Sun core book. In short, characters receive a bonus after first level that applies to attack, damage (and defense depending on level). This stacks with any magical items they may have (a variation from the RAW). The rule was implemented to allow for a lower magic campaign – but still one that has magical items.

Though not standard in 4E essentials, this campaign will feature magical rituals. The Wizard(Mage) class receives the Ritual Caster feat for free.

House Rules

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