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  • Bullshadow (or Bull's Shadow)

    A small town located in the Harken forest. Built in the shadow of a giant, ancient minotaur statue. At one point the site of the cult of Tiamat led by the now deceased [[:krow | Krow]].

  • Dal Nystiere

    The ruins of a fallen eladrin town. The eladrin settlement of Dal Nystiere fell to ruin centuries ago, destroyed by some unknown threat, and the Harken Forest has all be swallowed up its remains. Strange witchlights and evil monsters are known to haunt …

  • Places of Interest

    [[Bullshadow (or Bull's Shadow) | Bullshadow Village]] [[Dal Nystiere | Dal Nystiere]] [[Harkenwold | Harkenwold]] [[The Two Towers | Two Towers Caravansary]]