A small lithe woman who grew up in a privileged house. She gets along with other races, but her upbringing prejudices her against other races that were typically house retainers or (sometimes) outright slaves.

Neglected by her father during her younger years, she began stealing things in attempts to get his attention. Small things at first, a hairbrush here, a dagger there, a few gold coins from the night stand, etc. As she got older however, and her reflexes matured – her larcenous activities grew in scale, they became more elaborate, more targeted. The appeal was the planned execution of a clever cat burglary and getting away with it – her privileged upbringing made the money issue secondary since her parents provided her with the shelter, food, clothing , etc.

Unbeknownst to her father, it was her privileged station and proximity to her father’s frequent business dealings with “well-to-do” merchant, nobles, and city-folk that ironically enabled her increasingly complex, and daring series of cat burglaries. Her father’s business contacts and political dealings provided a wide variety of “marks” with which to practice against.

It is ironic that as her father began to pay more attention to her as she crossed out of her adolescence that her interest in and aptitude for thievery really began to blossom. Her father thinking that she has gone through and come out of her “stealing phase”.

It was at this stage of her young adult life that she would “escape” the confines of her family compound and court life from time to time and “schlep” with the natives in the local bars and inns and getting to know the local community. This annoyed her father greatly – which delighted her to no end.

She took up playing cards and games of chance at the local inns/bars, using her nimble fingers to see if she could outplay (or outdraw, or outwit, or out-bluff) her opponents. Naturally, she would be caught from time to time and couldn’t talk her way out of it, and bar fights would ensue: a bemusing source of exercise and entertainment to her way of thinking. Cheating was “fun” – a challenge, and if she got caught, then well … bar fights are fun too. And if things got too bad, she always imagined that her father could bail her out. That never really needed to happen, but that thinking did free her from any fears in that regard.

This was of course, another source of frustration to her father, who was at once relived to think that “at least she isn’t really stealing – at least not from proper people with good families”, but on the other hand chagrinned to have her daughter cavorting around with “commoners”.

All through this however, was her interest in planning the next big heist, and keeping everything as secret as possible. Her triple-secret life (home life, bar-life, and thieving) was what kept her engaged in both her father’s world of fancy nobles and business dealings and the more gritty, urban life that she found herself drawn towards. All of the bigger heists, were done alone, with thorough planning, and all were flawlessly executed. The more complicated the lock mechanism and the more guards, the more she was drawn to the job. She never took anything that undermined her father’s business dealings, and never took from people that couldn’t afford to lose, or in some cases (of unscrupulous business partners of her fathers) didn’t deserve to lose something of value.


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