Noble House Q&A

Welcome to Voices from the Outer Worlds, where we interview DMs/GMs and find out what’s going in their campaigns. Today we talk Noble House…

Voices: Tell us a little about the new Noble House D&D campaign.

DM: This campaign is a wide variant of the standard Nentir Vale presented in the core rules of the new D&D 4E. The majority of the campaign takes place in the Nentir Vale, a region far north of the “Southlands.” The Southlands being a rough, sketchily detailed area. Here are a few of the key points to the setting, both the Southlands and the Nentir Vale:

Key Concepts

  • A fading and decadent empire.
  • Far away (months through mountain terrain).
  • Ruled by nobles and a mad woman who still considers herself a queen.
  • Superior “magical” technology to that of the north (Nentir Vale).

The Southlands are a human dominated region with a smattering of other races. Most of these other races hail from westward islands off the mainland coast. Humans, tieflings, half-elves and halflings make up the indigenous population, with drow, dwarves, eladrin and elves coming from the nearby islands.

The core faith of the Southlands is a belief in Father Sun, Pelor. Though Pelor is the core faith, other gods are worshiped as personal or home patrons, such as a thief sending prayers to Avandra, goddess of luck. In recent years there has been a growth in a sect of Pelor, the Red Sun, who believe that other faiths, particularly animist, or spirit faiths are inimical to a belief in Pelor, the Red Sun.

Until 190 years ago, the Southlands were ruled by King Elidyr of House Aimon. Since his death, the kingdom has fractured and is now a cluster of squabling noble houses, including the kings weak, surviving house ruled by a woman, Ealia Augennia Aimon, who claims to be his great grand daughter-despite prior claims that all members of the royal family died around the same time as King Elidyr…

House Casara
House Casara was at one point the right arm of the king’s house and in charge of the minting of coin. The house was destroyed by the collusion of several houses, including Houses Gilwrath (under sway by the Red Sun), Varunna and the now weak house Aimon. House Casara was charged with conspiring with demons and devils by the conspirators for the family had a long belief in the spirits of the natural world and this belief was used against them. In one bloody night the house’s ruler was dead, most of its armed force destroyed or disbanded and the survivors on the run to the far northern, nearly forgotten province of the Nentir Vale.

We are playing with only the D&D 4E Essentials set of products for characters, with the addition of Rituals being available. There may be more variation as time goes on, but for now we’re doing just fine with just Essentials.

Voices: Thanks for your time.

DM: My pleasure! Drop by anytime and have a look around.

Noble House: A D&D 4E Essentials Campaign

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